Livin Aloha’s Impact & Sustainability Roadmap

Livin Aloha’s Impact & Sustainability Roadmap

As a brand, Livin’ Aloha was founded on the idea of promoting a more sustainable Hawai’i, and building a business that gives back to Hawaii every step of the way, but our goal is to do even more as we grow.

We are a carbon-neutral brand, and every product that you buy from Livin’ Aloha plants a native tree in Hawai’i through a partnership with the Carbon Neutrality Challenge tree-planting lab at the University of Hawai’i. Plus, 10% off all shop proceeds have been pledged towards Hawai'i ecosystem conservation and restoration efforts.

We already operate a lean green supply chain and intentionally limit and remove waste from our manufacturing process, but we also have even grander goals for making our product lines more sustainable as we grow.

Although Livin’ Aloha DOES OFFER many eco-friendly products that are produced from recycled plastic and organic materials that are responsibly sourced… as well as products that address Hawaii ecosystem health more directly, such as our Reef-Safe Sunscreen and Metal Straws – we acknowledge that we can do even more to produce more of our products from recycled materials and reduce our carbon footprint for our business and our customers even further.

So, what do those goals include exactly?

In our effort to be an authentic and transparent brand, we wanted to share the roadmap for where the brand is heading, and what we stand for.

Our theme for the next phase of Livin’ Aloha products is “Built to Last.”

Roadmap (green highlight means it's done):

  • Plant a native tree in Hawai’i for every product purchased 
  • Implement lean manufacturing and supply chain (reduce waste) 
  • Offer Green Shipping on all orders
  • Offer products from recycled materials
  • Offer products that help directly address a person’s carbon footprint
  • Partner with other Hawai’i focused sustainability non-profits
  • Re-invest proceeds into gold standard carbon offsets
  • Implement Blue Carbon Program – Regrow Hawaii Coral Reefs
  • 80% of all apparel comes from Recycled/Upcycled Fabrics
  • 20% of all apparel that is not recycled is made from All-Organic Fibers
  • Continue to add Alternative Sustainable Fibers, launch Hemp collection
  • Expand & Diversify our Carbon Offset Programs & Offerings
  • Certified Green Circle Supply Chain
  • Certified GOTS 
  • Certified Global Recycling Standard
  • Certified as a B-Corp 
  • Certified Climate Neutral
  • Provide upcycling capabilities
  • Purchase real-estate for the purpose of conservation, restoration, education and research, and seek conservation easements that returns Indigenous presence to Hawai’i ʻĀina

  • Our intention is to set a new standard when it comes to creating sustainable impact through our business, and we appreciate your ongoing support on this journey. 

    We know that this type of vision and roadmap won’t happen overnight, but we are well on our way and dedicated to growing our brand and products so that they are Built to Last and continually getting more and more sustainable, more upcycled, and with a lower and lower carbon footprint.