The Livin' Aloha Story

After a transformational experience celebrating with friends on a Kaua'i beach and meditating for over 3 hours, Brink Brio wrote a song called "Livin' Aloha" which he first recorded in 2017. Then he designed what is now the Livin' Aloha logo by drawing it into the sand with a palm frond, combining the words with the shaka symbol. This Livin' Aloha insignia would become the album artwork for his 1st official music release...or so Brink thought. But then... the coolest thing happened....

Brink had a dream that Livin' Aloha was meant to be more than a song, the logo was destined for more album cover artwork -- in the dream there were thousands of volunteers planting trees and corals across Hawai'i, shaking the shaka and celebrating -- all wearing Livin' Aloha gear.

Brink knew what he had to do. Livin' Aloha would be more than a song. It would be the song lyrics in action. Livin' Aloha would become a sustainable beach brand on a mission.

Read a message from Brink below. Listen to the song here. You can read even more backstory about the birth of the brand in Brink's first blog post here.


Aloha friends and welcome to the Livin' Aloha Shop! I'm so grateful and stoked that you're here and ready to begin your Livin' Aloha journey and help us plant 1 million trees in Hawai'i by 2030.

You're not here by accident -- If you're reading this, you have a role to play. You can help us make a real difference simply by shopping with Livin' Aloha and spreading the mission with your 'ohana. This brand is about everyday heroes and many hands contributing to make big impact for the islands we love.

It's for anyone who's ever wanted an aloha shirt that actually gives back to the place -- it's for people who want to deposit value into Hawai'i, instead of just extracting it. It's for authentic aloha spirit, not commodified aloha. It's about preserving and protecting the islands we love, from mauka (mountains) to makai (to the seas). It's about more sustainable tourism. It's about collective action to protect and restore Hawai'i ecosystems and wildlife. It's about showing aloha and respect for the Genius Loci of ANY sacred place that you visit or dwell. It's about honoring the sacred islands of Hawai'i.

The truth is that people love buying aloha shirts because of their love for Hawai'i, and the authentic aloha spirit. Livin' Aloha is a brand where the brand genre, it's meaning, its ethos, it's design, and it's purpose are all aligned to create something greater than. Livin' Aloha is an embodiment of Livin' Aloha itself. I have handcrafted the brand to spread joy and delight and to put trees in the ground, but I need YOU to step up and play a part. Every product matters.

Every product plants a native tree in Hawai'i. Each exchange with the brand leaves a bigger positive impact on Hawai'i, a bigger positive impact on your aloha spirit. With your help, we will create a new standard for Hawai'i ecosystem stewardship and public works projects.

My hope is that the Livin' Aloha brand creates a flywheel of sustained positive impact on the islands that I have so much reverance and respect for. Restoring Hawai'i old growth forests and coral reefs seems like a good place to start.

Aloha is not just a greeting here — it’s a way of being in the now, seeking harmony with nature, with spirit — with the waves, the wind, the earth, the animals, and each other. It’s about shakin’ the shaka, many mahalos, mālama da 'aina, malma honua, and ‘ohana forever. It's about reverence and respect for Hawai'i, and each other. This brand is for that kind of aloha -- da real kine.   

You can be a hero on this journey by helping us to plant 1 million native trees across Hawai'i by 2030. Every product you buy plants a tree -- it's super simple and easy.

Livin' Aloha is a platform for your own self-development, and a platform for Mālama Honua -- taking care of our island planet.  

My hope is that this brand instills a deeper reverence for Hawai'i within you, and that it helps you spread this reverence to others while pouring aloha back into Hawai'i ecosystems.

Above all, Livin’ Aloha is an authentic offering of love and respect to this sacred place.

I believe Hawai'i deserves our aloha and stewardship -- I hope you do too.

Stay salty my friends, and keep on Livin' Aloha 🤙



Brink & The Team

"Life is better with Aloha."

- Brink




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