Climate Positive. Carbon Negative.

Tracking Impact

Planting Trees in Hawai'i

For every product purchased from the Livin' Aloha Shop, we donate a native tree seedling to The Carbon Neutrality Challenge at The University of Hawai'i to be planted by volunteers in Dr. Camilo Mora's tree-planting lab.

Livin' Aloha is united in our mission to harness the spirit of aloha to spread the concept of mālama honua – to care for our island Earth, mālama da ‘aina -- take care of our cherished islands, and to celebrate the daily practice of Livin' Aloha.

Climate Positive. Carbon Negative.

Livin' Aloha goes beyond being a carbon-neutral brand. As a brand and a company, we are dedicated to not only being carbon-neutral, but carbon net-negative and climate positive. That means we will always off-set our carbon footprint as a company by at least 30 tonnes more C02 than what is required to be carbon-neutral. We want to give back to the planet more than we take and set a new standard for impact.

Our Purpose

At Livin' Aloha we are on a mission to preserve and restore Hawaii's natural ecosystems, including planting new forests and coral gardens and supporting environmental conservation and restoration causes.


Mālama Honua

At Livin' Aloha we want to spread the concept of Mālama Honua, to take care of our island planet. Mālama Honua means to take care of and protect everything that makes up our world: land, oceans, living beings, our cultures, and our communities. Our Earth is the only one we have, and we must cherish it and look after it like it's our home island, our last canoe. 





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