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We are a brand for Hawaii’s sustainability heroes who are here to grow leaders, not followers. We’re here to help put 1 Million trees in the ground throughout Hawaii by 2030. Our insignia stands for practicing aloha, and it represents the good vibes shaka shakin’ culture that makes Hawai’i so unique. Learn how we are more than a Hawai’i Souvenier.
Wherever you go in the United States (and more broadly, North America), you are visiting Indigenous peoples' ancestral territories. This is especially true here in Hawai'i. Like New Zealand, Hawai’i did not enter world history when Captain James Cook sailed here….these island nations had existed for centuries as home to its first peoples. It is important to honor indigenous histories and native lands when visiting, and here's why.
Livin' Aloha is a carbon-neutral brand, and every product that you buy from Livin’ Aloha plants a native tree in Hawai’i through a partnership with the Carbon Neutrality Challenge tree-planting lab at the University of Hawai’i. Plus, 10% off all shop proceeds have been pledged towards Hawaii ecosystem conservation and restoration efforts. But....we want to do even more and set a new standard. Here's our roadmap.
Aloha is not just a word that we use on a daily basis; it is a daily practice that has profound spiritual meaning. When we are mindful of our state of being, we can authentically connect with each other and the world around us. Bringing back the spiritual practice of aloha in your daily life can have a profound effect on the way you perceive the world.

Wave sliding as described in mele chants, was one of the most common Polynesian sports, found in every island in the Pacific, from New Zealand to Hawaii and from Easter Island to New Guinea.

In Hawaii, the sport was found to have reached its greatest development when these places were finally discovered by the Western world. When it comes to surf history we need to look no further than Hawai'i history to learn how this island sport ca