Brink Brio - Artist & Founder

Brink is a Maui-based singer-songwriter, artist and entrepreneur with a baker's dozen or so songs he's written through the years. Besides a few coffee shop performances, impromptu festival appearances and camp fire sessions with friends, Brink has never professionaly recorded his music and he's never released anything to the public...until now.

Brink loves Hawai'i, he loves music, and he loves creating positive impact through art. The Livin' Aloha brand is an authentic offering of love to Hawai'i nei', born from the special reverance Brink holds for this sacred place.

This shop is based off of one of Brink's songs he wrote in 2017 called "Livin' Aloha" after meditating on Kaua'i for 3 hours and receiving what he describes as a "divine download" comprised of powerful and vivid visions, including Polynesian sailing vessels that he didn't even know existed until looking it up after the experience. It's because of these spiritually-aligned and serendepitous beginnings that Brink believes that Hawai'i herself is the true author and originator of the Livin' Aloha song and brand.

Brink was born in Atlanta, Georgia and began writing songs and playing guitar while attending art school in New Zealand. Brink holds a Master of Fine Arts in design and was awarded a Fulbright in the arts.

Brink's dream is that Livin' Aloha transcends music to become a collective movement of positive impact -- one that celebrates the practice of aloha and honors Hawai'i through ecosystem restoration and environmental steward leadership.

Although Brink's music represents the birth of the Livin' Aloha brand, the brand and shop are designed to operate independently of Brink's music as a standalone sustainable impact business.



The Music

The "Livin' Aloha" song demo which you can listen to below was personally recorded by Brink in his bedroom playing an old guitar. It's the original demo. The plan is to professionally record and produce the song with other musicians as part of his first album.


Brink's music has a funny storyteller's charm, simple folky lyrics and chords, and the laid-back groovy vibes you'd expect from a beachin' family man playing songs that make make people smile and dance.

The Livin' Aloha Story

After a transformational experience celebrating with friends on a Kaua'i beach and meditating for over 3 hours, Brink Brio wrote a song called "Livin' Aloha" which he first recorded in 2017. Then he designed what is now the Livin' Aloha logo by drawing it into the sand with a palm frond, combining the words with the shaka symbol. Once digitized, this symbol would become album cover artwork for his 1st official music release Brink thought. But then... the coolest thing happened....

Brink Brio had a dream that Livin' Aloha was meant to be more than a song, the logo was destined for more album cover artwork -- in the dream there were thousands of volunteers planting trees and corals across Hawai'i, shaking the shaka and celebrating -- all wearing Livin' Aloha gear.

Brink knew what he had to do. Livin' Aloha would be more than a song. It would be the song lyrics in action. Livin' Aloha would become a sustainable beach brand on a mission.

The Livin' Aloha Song


Tuned in to that sweet sensation, it's a mission that's sweeping the nation, Livin' Alo-ha, is a good vibration. Planting trees for the next generation, malama aina o'hana connection. Livin' Alo-ha, it's a celebration. Over the rocks and through the trees, carried by Hawaiian breezes, this is the way life's supposed to be, soaking up the sun and sipping peace. It's easy when you believe, making dreams reality, close your eyes and you'll arrive, find your flow and free your mind. And if you do this all the time, everything will be alright. We'll all feel more alive, and we'll all be more aligned. It'll be nice to meet ya, on these Hawaiian beaches. Dancing under the moon where the rainbows make the seasons. Friendly greetings, from the good vibes family. Playing the days away, giving more than we take. Reaching out with helping hands, together we are making a way, spirit OS upgrade for the human race. Lives we live. Love that we make. Hearts and minds we touch, along the way. Welcome to your paradise. Where ya soul good, you Livin' Aloha everyday. Welcome to paradise, where ya soul good we Livin' Aloha, every day.

"Life is better with Aloha."

- Brink




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