Livin’ Aloha is a beachin’ brand on a big mission to protect and restore Hawaii’s wildlife and ecosystems -- we have pledged 20% of all shop proceeds to Hawai’i conservation non-profits and for every new customer we plant a native tree. Our purpose — to give voice to the aina and celebrate the practice of Livin’ Aloha. 

"Livin' Aloha is all about celebrating Hawai'i beach culture, spreading the practice of aloha, and giving back to the islands we all cherish." ~ Brink Brio, Founder 

We have partnered with the University of Hawai'i's Carbon Neutrality Challenge so that every new customer that we welcome to the Livin’ Aloha ‘Ohana, we will donate a native tree in Hawai’i. Our goal is to plant 1 million trees and 1 million corals in Hawai’i by 2030.

The Livin’ Aloha Shop is a family-owned business with a passion for living a beachin’ life, doing good, and spreading aloha. This shop started when the founder Brink wrote a little beach campfire song in 2017 called “Livin’ Aloha," and you can learn more about our story HERE.

Livin’ Aloha is a labor of love and intended for sunny salty people enjoying the great outdoors with those they love, doing what they love.

As a Livin’ Aloha customer you are committed to purchasing with a purpose. You know that every time you buy ANYTHING from the Livin’ Aloha Shop, you are leaving a legacy of conservation, protecting and restoring Hawai'i wildlife and ecosystems for generations to come. What a gift!

Being a part of the Livin’ Aloha community unites you with a great crew of good vibes people who are committed to livin' aloha, spreading good vibes, and Mālama 'Āina.


Livin' Aloha is for salty outdoor enthusiasts— we are a tropical lifestyle brand, online beach boutique, massive environmental sustainability project, and Hawaii’s most famous good vibes “do good” surf shop all rolled into one. 

Livin’ Aloha products are true to the spirit of the islands, laid-back, and designed for your totally beachin’ outdoor lifestyle. Whether you’re surfing, paddling, running, building sandcastles, kayaking with whales, snorkeling, fishing, diving, rafting down rivers, hiking,  jumping off waterfalls or straight-up beachin’ it with your family and friends -- Livin’ Aloha is ready for your most epic tropical vacations and summer staycations. 


By wearing Livin’ Aloha products, we are spreading positivity, and promoting the daily practice of aloha. We believe that wearing gear with a good positive message will take you to even better places, and that when you do good, you feel good, and you look happier, which is contagious to everyone around you. 

From the surf breaks of the North Shore, to the golden mile of Ka’anapali, to the reefs of Anahola, to the beach clubs of Waikiki, from the sunset sailboat cruises to the summer weekends with family and friends in your own back yard.  Livin’ Aloha has you covered with laid-back upscale essentials for the whole ‘ohana that will stand out no matter where you’re beachin’ it up! 

You’ll find Livin’ Aloha at local surf breaks, or enjoying cocktails at five-star resorts, or cruising by waterfalls with the top down, or at your local backyard family BBQ. There’s never a bad place or time to celebrate and spread aloha! 



We know that with a beachin’ family brand comes great responsibility. By choosing to buy from Livin’ Aloha, you’re fueling a small family-run business that gives back every step of the way. Livin’ Aloha donates 20% of all shop proceeds towards Hawaii wildlife conservation non-profits, and for every new customer, we sponsor a tree in Hawai'i.

And, we’re just getting started. Our goal is to plant 1 Million trees and plant 1 million corals in Hawaii by 2030 through a series of ecosystem restoration projects, including “Livin’ Aloha Forrest Reserves” and “Livin’ Aloha Coral Gardens” across our cherished islands. 

We’re committed to running an authentic business and leading with the heart, because we feel at our best when we’re at the beach, doing good, and spreading aloha along the way.

Learn more about our mission HERE.

Our Values

      • Livin' Aloha -- Practice aloha daily and spread good vibes to others. Being in a state of love, compassion, and kindness. 
      • Mālama Aina -- Responsible stewardship of Hawai’i and of our island planet. 
      • ʻOhana -- Livin' Aloha is all about family and fostering a community-focused brand comprised of positive relationships centered on spreading aloha and doing good.
      • Hoololiloli -- To rectify; to renew, to restore. At Livin' Aloha we are on a mission to restore Hawai'i's natural ecosystems, including planting new forests and coral gardens. 
      • Laulima -- The spirit of collaboration, cooperation, joint action, of "many hands working together," no work is too big when shared by all because as they say, many hands working together make light work.