Our Mission


Livin’ Aloha is not just another lifestyle brand. It’s a lifestyle mission.

You’re proud to shop Livin’ Aloha because you know this shop has a higher purpose that’s worth sharing with friends and family. 

Our mission is to spread aloha and give back to Hawai'i. We have pledged 20% of all shop proceeds to benefit non-profits and Hawai'i conservation projects, and we have partnered with the Carbon Neutrality Challenge and the Mora Lab at the University of Hawai'i to reforest Hawai'i with native trees. 

The long-term goal of this shop is to help Hawai’i become the first carbon-neutral state in the United States by creating a series of ecological restoration projects across Hawai'i, including “Livin’ Aloha Forest Reserves,” and “Livin’ Aloha Coral Gardens.”

For every new customer that we welcome to the Livin’ Aloha ‘Ohana, we will plant a native tree in Hawai’i in collaboration with the University of Hawaii's Carbon Neutrality Challenge whereby trees are planted to off-set our carbon footprint.  Our goal is to plant 1 million trees and 1 million corals in Hawai’i by 2030.

In addition to the Carbon Neutrality Challenge at the University of Hawaii, we donate 20% of all proceeds to a stellar group of conservation non-profits including:

  • Hawai’i Conservation Alliance
  • Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii 
  • The Hawaii Wildlife Fund
  • The Ocean Foundation
  • Oceana
  • Oceanic Global
  • The Surfrider Foundation 
  • Malama Na Honu
  • The Pacific Whale Foundation 
  • Polynesian Voyaging Society
  • The Ocean Elders
  • Global Fishing Watch
  • Coral Reef Alliance
  • Marine Conservation Institute 
  • Save the Waves Coalition 



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