Livin’ Aloha was founded by Brink Brio in 2017 after writing a campfire beach song called “Livin’ Aloha.” After creating what is now the Livin’ Aloha logo to use as an album cover and sharing it with friends, Brink had a dream that the song transformed into a whole lifestyle brand and community focused on giving back to Hawai'i.

Brink pursued this dream, and was born. Now Livin’ Aloha is more than a song or an album about celebrating aloha and paying it forward, but a new kind of sustainable surf & beach brand that embodies the Livin’ Aloha song ethos in action -- a brand that exists to give back to the islands that we all cherish and love.


Aloha and welcome to the Livin’ Aloha ‘Ohana!

You will love what you buy from Livin’ Aloha, I guarantee it.

Livin’ Aloha started as a song I wrote about Hawai’i celebrating the practice of aloha every day and paying it forward.

Aloha is not just a greeting here — it’s a way of being in the now, seeking harmony with nature — with the waves, the wind, the earth, each other. It’s about shaken’ the shaka, many mahalos, Mālama 'Āina and ‘ohana forever.  

After writing my song “Livin’ Aloha”, I designed what is now the Livin’ Aloha logo to use as album cover and shared it with friends. I had a dream that the song became more than a became a lifestyle brand that was a full embodiment of the song, all focused on giving back to Hawai'i. 

I started Livin' Aloha as a way to give back to the Hawaiian islands...including seeding 1 million new corals and native trees by 2030. 

I hope you'll join us on this journey! I believe that together we can create massive positive impact by simply wearing and spreading  Livin’ Aloha out into the world — I welcome you to begin your journey and SHOP NOW, make your first purchase with the Livin’ Aloha Shop and a native tree will be planted in Hawai’i.

When you wear Livin' Aloha gear, I want you to feel great knowing that you're celebrating good vibes beach culture, spreading aloha, and paying it forward. 

That’s why every time you buy something from Livin’ Aloha, 20% of your purchase goes directly to a stellar group of conservation non-profits doing great work across Hawaii.

From a business standpoint, my goal with this shop has been to re-imagine the lifestyle beach brand by building social causes into the brand’s fabric and foundation, and ultimately becoming a B-Corp. 

Livin’ Aloha is a brand dedicated to Mālama 'Āina, and represents my personal passion for social entrepreneurship and for serving the causes that embody our highest collective values. 

The Livin Aloha Shop was inspired by the “1% for Planet” movement whereby brand, values, and social good are inclusive and transcendent to the business venture, but I wanted Livin' Aloha to be hyper-focused on Hawai'i.....and so, instead of pledging 1% for Planet, we are following the 80/20 rule, and have pledged 20% towards Hawai'i conservation causes.

Our long-term plan includes collaborations with local artists and non-profits to sell special edition products for specific conservation causes. This shop is intended to be a platform for good for generations to come.

Livin' Aloha is the change I wish to see in the world. I want to help restore Hawai’i’s precious ecosystems while modeling leadership in sustainability.

To learn more about our tree planting partnership with the Carbon Neutrality Challenge at the University of Hawai'i, and to learn more about the Hawai'i wildlife and conservation non-profits we work with, check out our Mission HERE.

I want every product that you buy from us to mean more than the product itself. I want that sticker you put on your car or your laptop to be more than just another sticka — it’s a symbol of solidarity with aloha, with aina, and with ohana. That sticka is not just a's the Livin' Aloha brand in action.


I have personally designed and curated the first batch of products and collections on and my main goal in this regard is to be relevant and practical for all of us living the beach lifestyle. As a brand, Livin’ Aloha will continue to integrate the art and design of local Hawai'i artists into our products and collections, including special releases and new product development.

Above all, Livin’ Aloha is an offering from my heart and soul. It makes me smile to know that what started as a song is now living as a t-shirt, a bumper sticker and a beach towel somewhere out in the world spreading good vibes and producing a positive impact.

I started  Livin’ Aloha because I truly believe that the world will be a better place if more people started livin’ aloha every day. I hope that’s you! Stay salty, stay beachin’, and keep livin' aloha 🤙

Cheers from under the mango tree,


our story

Livin' Aloha is a beachin' family brand on a big mission to protect & restore Hawaii's natural wildlife and ecosystems. For every new customer, we will plant a native tree in Hawai'i, and 20% of all proceeds are donated to wildlife conservation non-profits.

True to the spirit of the islands, Livin' Aloha is laid-back and designed for you and your family's totally beachin' outdoor lifestyle. Whether you're surfing, paddling, running, building sandcastles, kayaking with whales, snorkeling, fishing, diving, rafting down rivers, hiking, jumping off waterfalls or straight-up beachin' it with your family and friends -- Livin' Aloha is ready for your most epic tropical vacations and back-yard summer staycations. 

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